History of the Honda Hornet CB600F / CB900F Motorcycle

When Honda released their Honda Hornet CB600F in 1998 to the european market, it quickly grew extremely popular among street and sport motorcycle riders. By the year 2000, the Honda Hornets were some of the most popular bikes in their class due to their sporty style, ease of rideability, and their overall veratility.

Although the Honda Hornet has roots that go way back to the late 1960’s, more specifically, the Honda Hornet was directly influenced by the 250 class domestic Hornet made available to Japan in 1996. This was a bike that quickly got the attention of larger class motorcycles with it’s wide sporty tires and sleek body. Not long after, Honda saw the potential to create a similar mororcycle with a larger displacement. And so was created the Honda 600 Hornet, released to europe in 1996, soon becoming one of the most highly demanded Honda Bikes available.

The CB600F Hornet was put together basically on the same frame and body as the earlier 250 model, with a larger, more tweaked engine. This bike was quickly recognized for it’s quick, lightweight design… And the best part of all, pretty much anyone who had ever been on two wheels could have fun on it.

Although Honda’s “naked bikes” proved to be an extremely popular item, Honda still felt it was necessary to provide the European buyers with a faired alternative, and in the year 2000, they did just that. Buyers were given the option of either the Hornet, or the Hornet-S (their faired version of the Honda Hornet).

Again, it was not long after that Honda realized they needed to upsize once again. Realizing the popularity of their compact, lightweight, super versatile CB600F Hornets, Honda knew they needed to give these bikes a bigger engine. So they came up with another winning formula. This time they thought they would see what happens when they drop their world-renoun Honda CBR900RR Fireblade engine into their medium class Honda 600 Hornet body.

By 2001 Honda delivered the Honda CB900F Hornet to Europeans, and just as per it’s earlier-released CB600F model, was an instant hit among bikers everywhere. The Hornet CB900F provided all the comfort and rideability of the 600F with the power and mind-blowing speed of the Honda CBR900RR, making this an even more versatile bike than it’s smaller companion.

Since their release the Honda Hornet CB600F and the Hornet CB900F have continued to grow in popularity. They have even inspired a similar North American version known as the Honda 919 CB900F which was released in 2002 and has also become a big hit.

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