Parts and Accessories for the Honda 919 and Honda Hornet CB900F

Here are some of the aftermarket parts and accessories that are available for Honda 919 and Honda Hornet CB900F Motorcycles. Take a look through this list to see if theres a part or two that catches your eye and click on it to find out mroe about that part. This Part and accessory guide is […]

Honda 919 `The Stash` Slip-On Exhaust Systems

Here is an interesting product for the Honda 919: This exhaust system replaces both of the stock canisters with two slip-ons (one functional, one not) similar to the stock set-up. By routing the exhaust flow through the right canister, both torque and horsepower is improved over twin canister designs. And, in order to preserve the […]

Two Brothers Racing Slip-on exhausts for the Honda 919

Two brothers racing offers Single and Dual slip-on exhausts for the Honda 919 CB900F. They come available in Aluminum, Carbon Fibre, and Titanium. Two Brothers Honda 919 Single Slip-On Exhaust Systems replace both of the stock canisters with a single right side exit canister. Right Side, single slip-on: Dual Slip-on exhausts: For more information on […]

Staintune Exhausts for the Honda Hornet 900

Staintune Offers the following exhaust accessories for the Honda 900 Hornet: HONDA HORNET 900 Twin Oval Sports race Muffler, Removable Restrictor HONDA HORNET 900 High Flow Collector STAINTUNE exhaust systems are developed from a stock configured bike for real world street riding conditions, rather than full-wide-open-throttle riding on a heavily modified race bike. Remeber that […]

Scorpion Exhaust Cans for the Honda 900 Hornet and Honda 919

Styles Available: Carbon Fibre, Titanium, Stainless Steel & Titanium flame Part Number: 01- HA76 Available in round or oval section with all internal components manufactured from stainless steel. The outer sleeve is reinforced Pre-Preg carbon fibre, making these silencers the lightest of the Scorpion range. Listen to the Scorpion Exhaust can on a Honda Hornet […]

Front and Rear Paddock Stands for the Honda 919

Front Paddock Stand This usefull stand engages under the the bottom of the front fork legs and lifts the front wheel clear of the ground. Must be used in conjunction with the rear paddock stand. Rear Paddock Stand Rubber cups fit under your swing arm, and thanks to the nylon wheels just a light downwards […]

Remus Revolution GP Slip-on Exhaust for the Honda 900 Hornet

Revolution GP, slip on LR, Alu, EEC, 45 mm For the HONDA РCB 900 F Hornet Fits: 2002 Рxxxx SC48, 81 kW For More information on the Remus Revolution Slip on Exhaust, see the Remus Innovation Website 

Quill Exhaust Systems for the Honda Hornet 900 & 600

Quill Manufactures a WIDE variety of performance exhausts for both the Honda Hornet 600 and the Honda Hornet 900. To take a look at all they have to offer visit their website at: Here we will take a look at the Quill T3 Stainless Round Silencer. Traditionally, you would choose from either a Race […]

LeoVince Oval Racing Performance Exhaust Cans for the Honda 919 & Honda Hornet

Bike Model: Honda 919 Styles Available: SBK OVAL ALUMINUM, SBK OVAL CARBON, SBK OVAL TITANIUM CC: 900 Year: 2002 Type: Slip-On Part#: 6358 Includes Optional Quiet Insert The Oval racing cans of the LeoVince SBK range ensure the best quality, performance and price ratio for those who wish to customize their bikes simply and fast, […]

LASER Duo-Tech slip-on mufflerset for the Honda Hornet CB900F

Type: LASER Duo-Tech slip-on mufflerset Year: 2002-xxxx Approval: Approved + Sport Styles Available: Inox, Carbon Fibre, Titanium Part Number: 77.1018.I A revolution in exhaust technology! The LASER Duo-Tech is fully adapted to today’s sound regulations and standards. The concept of the Duo-Tech is based on exchangeable inserts. These inserts have a specific effect on the […]